Building Bridges To Our Energy Future



Jon Ellison – President and Director

Mr. Ellison has been involved with the Company since 2003, initially as an investor, then serving as the Company's general manager, and currently as President, where he focuses on project development and strategic partnerships. Mr. Ellison has travelled to Scotland, Chile, India, Alaska, and China representing Blue Energy and has been instrumental in forming the relationships which will make these projects a success. Mr. Ellison graduated from the University of Chicago.

Joseph Sun – Senior Mechanical Engineer

With several years of experience as a Senior Mechanical Engineer, a Mechanical Engineer, and a Research Associate, Mr. Sun presents a calibrated and detail oriented mindset towards turbine design.  Mr. Sun is responsible for the design of the turbine and guiding and supervising the engineering staff.    He is presently a PhD candidate through the University of Manitoba.  His work is focused on formulating an entropy production model for two phase cavitation flow which will be used for performance enhancement of the turbines. Mr. Sun is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta. 

Mac Campbell – Chairman and Director

Mr. Campbell is President and Owner of Mac D. Campbell Associates Inc. and MDC Holdings Ltd. Previously he was SVP & CFO of Daon Development Corporation of Vancouver, and Director, Senior Real Estate Analyst of Canavest House, Toronto. Mr. Campbell obtained his BA in Economics from the University of Alberta, MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and completed the Corporate Finance Executive Program at Harvard University

Richard Notte – Vice Chairman and Director

Mr. Notte is currently Director of Global Energy Services at Alcoa Inc. He has global oversight of energy efficiency and responsibility for managing a significant energy portfolio of electricity and natural gas for Alcoa's US sites. Including his ten years at Alcoa, he has 25 years progressive responsibilities in all areas of energy management: Engineering, Procurement, Regulatory, Energy Efficiency, Risk Management, Backward Integration and Renewable Energy. Mr. Notte has a BESc in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Western Ontario. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

Martin Burger - Founder and Director

Born of Cree heritage and raised in the Canadian sub-arctic, Mr. Burger worked as a diamond driller in the mining camps to put himself through college where he graduated with distinction with a diploma in civil engineering from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.  He has played key roles in the success of two technology driven companies and in the development of several world-scale construction projects in the petrochemical energy and mining sectors.  Mr. Burger collaborated with inventor Barry Davis in 1990 to develop and commercialize the Davis Hydro Turbine and is the founder of Blue Energy Canada. Martin and his colleagues have evaluated some 400 innovation technology developments over the past 20 years and he brings an out of the box perspective, unwavering commitment, engineering and construction expertise, and visionary leadership to Blue Energy. Martin is an elected Fellow with the World Innovation Foundation.